When you’re looking at shipping something anywhere in the United States or Canada, shipping by truck is still one of the most economic. It doesn’t even matter if you choose air or rail and decide to pay a bit more, the chances are whatever you’re shipping will still need to be loaded onto a truck to get to the right destination.

One of bigger advantages here is the fact that you only use the part of the trailer that you need and in effect share the cost with other people that have items going in the same general direction.

There are other advantages to using the network of roads across the continent and one of the biggest is accessibility. There are logistical problems associated with air and water travel but the network of highways and smaller roads make shipping by truck number one for convenience.

It’s important to remember that trucking has kept pace with modern technology. International shipping companies now utilize climate controlled trailers that will keep even the most perishable freight and have entered the Internet age, allowing customers to track their shipments online tracking.

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