Most international shipping and moving companies will offer a range of services to meet your needs regarding size of shipment, how quickly you need it and how much your budget is to spend on removals. These tend to fall into the following categories, although some movers may call them different things or offer variations or specialist services within each:

  • Full / Exclusive Container Load:Depending on the volume of your belongings they will be loaded within an exclusive use 20, 40 or 45 foot steel container which will be sealed and transported to the port for shipping to your destination. At destination the container will be customs cleared, delivered and unloaded at your residence. This service is direct therefore provides the quickest transit time so is ideal if you have a larger volume of goods.
  • Shared Containers:If you are moving a smaller volume of belongings we offer shared container services whereby you share the space in a shipping container with other customers moving to the same destination. This is a cost effective method of shipping for smaller consignments as you only pay for the space you use, however transit times are slightly slower than a dedicated container load as consolidation is required prior to departure. The two methods of shared shipping services are, a) Less than Container Load:your consignment is crated and sent through a large shipping consolidator with lots of regular volume being shipped to your destination, almost as speedy as an exclusive container, add a couple of days in only for consolidation.b) Groupage : your consignment is loaded within a container with other customers of your chosen moving company, the speed can be slower as they will have to collect and load all the other shipments but is the most cost effective way of shipping smaller loads.
  • Airfreight:When you require some or all of your items quickly airfreight provides the quickest method of transport meaning you can be settled in your new home faster. For larger moves this method is not as cost effective as a sea shipment due to the significantly higher cost of freight.

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